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I just wanted to take the time to tell you how pleased I am with my Biehler pup “Chloe”. At 6 months I sent her to my trainer, and have been extremely impressed with her progress. My trainer was very pleased with her attention span, her natural ability and desire to please. She definitely inherited her parent’s impressive working traits and abilities. I brought her home from the trainers in time to be able to take her on a couple of hunts. She is truly a pleasure to work with. My trainer and I both feel that we have only begun to scratch the surface on her potential so I plan to send her for further training after hunting season. At home, on the farm, Chloe is a great dog, always obedient and egger to please. I have been privileged to spend time around several good hunting dogs the last couple of years and can honestly say that I have no doubt that Chloe will be as good as any dog I have hunted with. I’m looking forward to a lot of good years in the reeds and water with her. I was apprehensive when I started shopping for a pup. There are a lot of “lab breeders” out there these days and it’s not hard to end up with an “average” dog. Your honesty, the quality of your dogs and the integrity of your breeding program made this a very positive experience for me and I will definitely be back (as soon as I convince the wife I need another dog).


Shannon Marcy

Wellston, OK  

Scout is extremely intelligent, relational, and athletic.  He can hunt hard in the field all day and is refreshed and excited to hunt just as hard the following day.  He is a quick learner, an exceptional marker, and highly motivated to hunt and retrieve.  Scout is a delightful dog, and I am grateful to Mike for his attention to quality in his breeding and early care.
William E. Spaine, Psy.D.
Fayetteville, AR


I've attached several photo's, you can use what you think works best. 
My daughter came up with the name Edge, & I thought True Grit's Finer Edge fit him perfect.  I have always been a German Shepherd person until I brought home your pup. You've put together a bloodline that's very trainable; a thinking dog, but yet a team player, a house dog, but yet loves to work all day.  I'm sure his biggest detriment is me as an amateur trainer.
In his first year he's hunted doves, ducks, quail, & pheasant.  No geese, but we've still got a little time for that.  I don't think there was a day hunting when I didn't receive a positive comment about him; the best one was simply "now that's a dog".
I haven't decided yet if I'll pursue hunting test & field trials or tournament hunts, but I think Mike has given Edge the lineage & crucial care & socialization during the first 8 weeks of his life that he'll be successful whatever it is.  
It's really neat to see a Lab lock up on point. While Edge isn't pro-trained, one of his littermates is also here, & the owner told me the pro-trainer said his point was one of the staunchest she'd seen.  Your pup has made me so particular in my search for a 2nd pointing lab.  Good luck with Hunter, another of my pup's littermates, I enjoy seeing him continually finishing near the top at such a young age.
K. Deckels